• Military Bulletproof Ballistic Combat Police second level bulletproof helmet

Military Bulletproof Ballistic Combat Police second level bulletproof helmet

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        Military Bulletproof Ballistic Combat Police second level bulletproof helmet

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        1. Protection level: NIJ Level II  ( China standard  of "GA 293" ) ; 

        2. Protective bullets: 1951-style 7.62mm pistol bullets (lead core) fired by the China 1954-style 7.62mm pistol; 

        3. Bulletproof material: China aramid dipped woven fabric; 

        4. Helmet quality: 1.42kg; 

        5. Maximum deformation: 9.8mm, residual deformation: 7.5mm; 

        6. Maximum bullet mark height:


        Suitable for  militry, police, shooting, training, search and rescue operations,climbing or other outdoor sports

        Size adjustable

        Made by Bulletproof materials

        Inner Suspension are simply

        Head Circumference (mm):560mm-600mm

        The goggles can be remove.


     Police second level bulletproof helmet is great for militry, police, shooting,  training, search and rescue, climbing, CQB,  paintball, skirmish game, hunting use and other outdoor activities. It offers all the benefits and features of Police bulletproof helmat at a full head protect, comparable to other recreational sport helmets. 


1. The bullet-proof helmet is composed of a helmet shell (including edging) and a suspension buffer system (including a    cap hoop, buffer layer, chin strap, links, etc.). Comfortable and stable to wear; 

 2. The outer surface of the helmet shell is evenly and smoothly coated without defects such as foreign impurities, blistering and peeling. Suspension buffer system components are complete and stitched firmly; all metal parts should be free of corrosion; functional parts such as emergency breakouts and adjustment buckles should be suitable and convenient; the chin strap and cap band should be adjustable. The initial bonding fastness of the edging of the helmet shell; after the experiment, the length of the edging uncovered is 3.7; 

 3. Flame retardant performance of helmet shell: surface continuous burning time 5S; 

 4. The strength of the chin strap device: the fastness of the emergency escape is 500N, and it will be released when the external force is 1000N; 

 5. Water resistance: After the bulletproof helmet is immersed in water for 24 hours at room temperature, there will be no cracks, blistering or delamination on the surface of the helmet shell. No parts of the suspension buffer layer fell off after two effective shots;

 6. Environmental adaptability: There are no cracks, blisters or delamination on the surface of the helmet shell under the conditions of -25℃ to +55℃, and no parts of the suspension buffer system fall off after two effective shots.

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